This Polish Dude Pranks Millions with Fake Ellen Interview For Some Reason

Most all of America loves Ellen; she’s pretty much on her way to officially becoming a national treasure. It would seem that that adoration doesn’t stop at the U.S. borders.

Meet Lukasz Jakobiak, a Polish vlogger and Ellen fan. Recently Jakobiak took took his obsession with the talk show host to the next level. He created his own version of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, complete with doppelgänger host, in an elaborate Instagram prank.

In early March, Jakobiak took to IG with the following post:

The post seemed to be a teaser for Jacobiak’s appearance on the show. A few days later there was another post, this time directing his followers to his YouTube channel where they could see the entire “interview.”

The video (you can watch it above) is pretty convincing. Until you get to the part where the Ellen doppelgänger appears. While not entirely convincing (that voice!), she certainly looks the part. All in all, the production values are pretty stellar. And, as a result, we at Mediaite can’t help but wonder: Exactly how much money did this guy spend on this project?!

It seems that Jacobiak created this elaborate, meta ruse in the hopes of being invited on the actual Ellen Degeneres Show. Knowing Ellen, we’re sure Jacobiak will end up sitting across from her soon enough.

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