‘This Was a Cesspool’: Skip Bayless Blasts Eli Manning Over Alleged Phony Memorabilia ‘Racket’


Earlier, we posted about new emails first reported by the New York Post — which suggest that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning may have been involved in a phony memorabilia scheme.

Friday on Undisputed, Skip Bayless offered his lengthy (and we cannot underscore that point enough) take on the matter. And in his rant, he came down hard on Manning and the Giants, who he said should be punished by the NFL.

“If half of this is true — and to me, a whole lot of it rings very true, this is just me from a distance — this was a cesspool inside a proud franchise,” Bayless said. “This was a cesspool of fraudulent memorabilia sales. And it was signed off on and overseen by the Giants management going all the way to the top of the franchise. It was an internal, in-house racket.”

The lawsuit in which the new emails were filed alleges that Manning and the Giants were complicit in selling fake “game-used” memorabilia to unsuspecting fans.

“Is this going to tarnish the squeaky-clean image of Eli Manning?” Bayless asked. “Yeah. I think it’s got potential.”

Overall, Bayless said the scandal threatens to harm the reputation of the entire NFL — which has come under great criticism recently for the things it has done simply in the name of profit. They’ve allowed teams to move from their longtime homes to cities which are willing to allocate public money to build new stadiums. And now, their involvement in the memorabilia business has opened them up to being accused of fraud.

“What a terrible look for the National Football League,” Bayless said.

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