This Week in Media Buffoonery: ObamaBots, Fox’s ‘Comedian,’ Beck’s Muslim, and More!


Fox ‘Comedian’ Steven Crowder Makes a Joke of Himself (Wasn’t Hard to Do)

The man-child “comedian” behind those columns calling you a terrible person for having pre-marital sex must have really been struggling to get appearances on Fox News. Because this week on a Hot Air podcast, he burned the mother down.

For nearly 15 minutes, Steven Crowder whined about his (dim) career prospects, and casually dropped “well-known stories” about how difficult it is to negotiate a contract with Fox while using an agent. As I wrote back then, he’s wrong. Yet he continued to dish on Fox as if his difficulty in securing a deal meant anything other than the fact that he’s simply not funny or a contract-worthy commentator.

And then came the bomb: He insulted Fox centerpiece Sean Hannity, claiming liberals often “bulldoze him like a little child” and suggested a real host would do a better job.

Even the apology was buffoonish. He began his note by saying his comments “surfaced online.” Ya think? You said them online. Either Crowder thought he was privately chilling with Ed Morrissey on Skype, or he really thinks that low of Hot Air.

Perhaps it’s time to admit Crowder really is a comedian. After all, he’s the joke.
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Joan Walsh Wants You to Dial Back Criticism

Salon editor-in-chief Joan Walsh has already made a name for herself as something of an expert in calling any white non-liberal pundit a “racist” or “race-baiter,” but this week she also showed a bit of her true colors as a vociferously partisan advocate.

In a column, she decried how many liberal reporters — most notably Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein and New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza — were going perhaps too far in criticizing the rollout of the Obamacare exchange website. In effect, she said, such liberal critiques of the website issues would only serve to help right-wingers.

Yes, you’re a journalist first and foremost, she seemingly admitted to her subjects. But you’re also a liberal in support of Obamacare.

In other words: Shut up and do your part to help the White House, man.

Walsh later dismissively joked about people calling her an “Obamabot,” but, as far as political commentators go, they actually might not be that far off.
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CNBC Reporter Calls for ‘Mexican Music’ While Talking About Ted Cruz

After reporter Steve Liesman assigned blame for a weak jobs report to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), he decided to call the forthcoming segment “The Ted Cruz Jobs Report.”

As soon as Cruz’s image appeared on screen, Liesman said, “Can we get some music to go along with that? Some Mexican music, maybe?”

Yeah, um… Ted Cruz is of Cuban descent. But also: What the hell? Way to look buffoonish.
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Glenn Beck and Anti-Muslim Loon Push Conspiracy Garbage

Glenn Beck has something really important to tell you. It involves our national security and it’s a really big secret because it involves a conspiracy that would take forever to draw on a chalkboard. Can you guess it? It’s that one of America’s pre-eminent limited government advocates, Grover Norquist, is responsible for instituting Muslim Brotherhood “stuff” “in the White House.”

To prove this theory, Beck had on two guests including Frank Gaffney, a rabid warhawk who is barely respected in conservative circles outside those that love the warfare state or think the president is a secret Muslim.

Gaffney, you see, has been on a decades-long crusade to take down Norquist any way he can.

Without getting into the weeds here, Gaffney is well-known for seeing evil Muslims everywhere he looks. And if you’ve ever hung out with one that happened to later get jailed for an attempted assassination of a Saudi prince, well, then you’re pretty much a patsy for the Muslim Brotherhood, intent on infiltrating and replacing the American government with an Islamic one, via decades-long advocacy for… lower taxes, limited government, and gay marriage.

Beck concluded the segment by noting this is much more “complex” than Gaffney made it out to be. But why bother pushing that garbage to your audience in the first place?
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Democratic Congressman Trolls America with KKK/Tea Party Comparison

With one fundraising email, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) further cemented his status as the resident liberal troll of Congress, sending out a photo of a Ku Klux Klan burning cross with the words “Tea Party” scrawled in flames. “Now You Know What The ‘T’ Stands For,” the caption read.

Oh lord.

Yes, some people do show up to tea party rallies with Confederate flags and racist signs, but is it fair to broadstroke a whole movement of loosely-affiliated people based on the actions of a few? No.

Roland Martin said it best: If a few New Black Panther types were spotted at an NAACP rally, should right-wingers then be able to generalize that the NAACP is akin to the Panthers? No.

Leave the weak generalizations to the real Internet trolls. As a sitting congressman, Grayson should focus on actual issues.
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