Throwback Thursday: Chuck Todd Discusses the Aftermath of Mark Foley’s Sex Scandal


Throwback Thursday is the new Mediaite project dedicated to exploring the careers and past highlights of media talent, anchors, and journalists before they became major media stars.

As the host of Meet the Press, Chuck Todd has an undeniable influence in the world of political news media. Todd is known for his straight-shooting interview style, his attentiveness to developing news, and his Kellyanne Conway interview that has taken the political discussion by storm this week.

This begs the question: what did Todd do before he NBC brought him aboard in 2007? The answer is that Todd worked as editor-in-chief for National Journal’s The Hotline, where he also did webcasts on the political developments of the day.

In this clip from 2006, Todd and co-host John Mercurio talked about what sort of blowback the Congressional GOP could face over the Mark Foley sex scandal. The Florida Republican Representative was accused of making repeated sexual advances towards underage congressional pages, and it ultimately forced him to resign from his position.

In the midst of the scandal, it came to light that colleagues of Foley’s like House Majority Leader John Boehner and J. Dennis Hastert might have known about what was going. Since neither congressman called for an investigation on Foley, Todd and Mercurio discussed the impact this would have on their political futures.

Todd and Mercurio were especially interested in what would happen to Hastert since the scandal broke during his tenure as Speaker of the House.

Watch above.

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