Tom Arnold Shoots His Shot With Ilhan Omar After Congresswoman’s Retweet: ‘If I’m Lucky, We’ll Fall in Love’


Tom Arnold, the lucky guy Rep. Ilhan Omar retweeted when he said Sen. Rand Paul deserved the brutal lawn attack from his neighbor, stepped up today to defend Omar … and also shoot his shot with the newly-separated congresswoman.

“She’s beautiful, smart & brave. If I’m lucky we’ll fall in love,” said Arnold to Omar’s critics, including Henry Rodgers with the Daily Caller. The comic went on to say that Paul is a horrible senator and worse human.

“Donald Trump has retweeted Nazi’s (sic). You’ve never called out Donald Trump,” said the actor and comedian. “Stop bullying tiny brown women coward. Time to call out big fat white guys.”

Rodgers had said it was “disgraceful” that a sitting member of Congress would retweet such a thing. He was quoting a tweet from Michelle Malkin, who said that a violent neighbor broke six of Paul’s ribs and Omar was retweeting “unhinged” Arnold joking about it.

Arnold originally tweeted it was no wonder Paul’s neighbor had ripped his toupee off, having to deal with his “lying cowardly circular whiney bull crap about lawn clippings.”

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

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