Top Dem Calls on Trump to Rescind Flynn Appointment: ‘Grave Concerns’ About His Judgment

The Democratic ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee put out a statement this afternoon blasting Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and Donald Trump‘s choice of him for national security adviser.

He tweeted out today that Trump should rescind his appointment:

And in the full statement he posted online, he says he has serious questions about Flynn’s judgment:

I have grave concerns about the judgment of Lt. General Michael Flynn. He has regularly engaged in the reckless public promotion of conspiracy theories that have no basis in fact, with disregard for the risks that giving credence to those theories could pose to the public. The National Security Adviser is responsible for filtering and assessing crucial information pertaining to the national defense. Someone who is so oblivious to the facts, or intentionally ignorant of them, should not be entrusted with policy decisions that affect the safety of the American people.

He is referring to how Flynn, in the past, tweeted about a Clinton conspiracy theory. (It was not he who tweeted about #Pizzagate, but his son.)

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