Tough Love: Mom Chains Her 8-Year-Old Girl To Lamppost For Skipping School


A 30-year-old woman in Malaysia was questioned and released by local police for chaining her 8-year-old daughter to a lamppost in a parking lot. Apparently, her reasoning for publicly shackling the young girl was as punishment for her missing school.

The unnamed girl was seen by onlookers who noticed she had been chained to the post for over an hour. Some tried to free her but were unable as the thick chain was locked with two padlocks.

Police were then called and tracked down the girl’s mother.

According to the Daily Mirror, police stated that they were informed by family of the girl that this was done to punish her for truancy. The girl told onlookers the same thing.

Mohammad Azlin Sadari from Subang Jaya district police said: ”We received a call from a man informing us of an eight-year-old Indian girl with her leg chained.

“The DCC then instructed the motorcycle patrolling unit to go to Lagoon Perdana Apartment in Bandar Sunway.

”Residents claim that the action was done by the family as punishment after the student did not attend Mandarin class

”We have been asked to investigate further to make sure that the root cause of the action is looked into.

”The Deputy Chief of the police area confirmed the reports and circumstances surrounding the incident.”

One witness told reporters that she she understood that there is “tough love” but this is “taking it too far.”

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