Transgender VA Dem Releases Ad Challenging GOP Opponent: ‘This is Just Who I Am’

As the saying goes, politics is downstream from culture, and in a small Virginia general assembly race where transgender issues have taken the center-stage, it appears that even the most local elections are reflecting America’s growing cultural-political debate.

In response to her Republican opponent questioning her gender identity, Virginia Democrat and transgender woman Danica Roem released an ad showing that she is not shying away or downplaying her personal life.

“I’m running for office because my identity shouldn’t be a big deal, this shouldn’t be newsworthy or political. This is just who I am,” says Roem in the ad. In the clip, the candidate takes hormone medication and puts on make-up as she explains that transgender Americans “all deserve representation in government.”

This ad served as a response — or clapback, if you will — against her GOP adversary Robert G. Marshall who claims that Roem is lying about “his sexual identity.” Marshall, who’s currently a state delegate, also attempted to pass a bathroom bill dictating what restrooms transgender people can use — similar to what was implemented in North Carolina — but his proposal failed.

If Roem wins this race, she would be the first openly transgender elected official in the state’s history. Her fundraising efforts could put her in a position to do just that, as she has out-raised her opponent 5 to 1, according to the Washington Post.

Watch above via YouTube.

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