Trevor Noah Reveals How His First American Election Is Far Different Than He Expected


Seth Meyers had fellow late night host Trevor Noah on Late Night, where they talked about how this was the first American presidential election for Noah to witness firsthand.

The initial conversation gravitated around how Noah prepared himself to comment on the election cycle’s political intricacies, as well as his approach to the news whenever The Daily Show goes on hiatus. Eventually, the discussion made its way to Ben Carson, who Noah described as his favorite candidate because “he has so many layers to him.”

“Trump is Trump — we get it, but Ben Carson is layered. He’s like a man of mystery,” Noah said. “He’s got a dangerous side that maybe didn’t actually happen, which is even more dangerous — and he’s chill, on top of all that.”

Meyers poked a bit of fun at the neurosurgeon by noting how he is so “chill” and subdued that no one would notice if he were to drop out, to which Noah corrected him to say that if anything, America will simply forget Carson’s in the race.

“There’s going to be a very awkward moment at the inauguration for whoever it is, where you’ll just see in the background someone explaining to Ben Carson, ‘it’s over, it’s not you, they went a different way,’” Meyers said

Meyers also asked about what it was like having Jon Stewart return to the show for an episode, to which, Noah quipped it was “like having your parents come to your house after you’ve moved out.”

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