Trump Calls in to Colbert, Gets Booed For Saying Scalia’s Replacement Should Be Delayed


People who have been lucky enough to watch the Donald Trump candidacy from the front lines this election have realized a trend in the candidate’s interviews: many, if not most, are simply phone calls. While the remaining field has scrambled since the Summer to go on television and build face-recognition, Trump has often picked up his phone and called in to any show who will have him (which is EVERY show on TV).

On Tuesday night, Late Show host and South Carolina native Stephen Colbert got the opportunity to receive one such call, and in typical Colbert style, the staff rolled out a “Trump phone” complete with Donald-approved hair for the event.

Colbert pushed the GOP frontrunner on his penchant for foul language on the stump, which is a tactic that Trump has admitted he would cut back on to appeal to voters in South Carolina. “These are very minor words and in many cases, I bleep them out myself,” Trump told Colbert.

As for the Presidential appointment of the next Supreme Court Justice, Trump did admit that if he were President he would work to push through a nominee. However, the real power lies in the Senate: “The Senate has a pretty daunting right… whoever the next President is should pick the next Supreme Court Justice.”

As the crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater collectively booed the response, Colbert joked, “You’re not making any friends here, Donald.

Trump was even complimentary of Colbert’s role as David Letterman‘s successor. The candidate said “You’re doing great [with the show], Stephen,” meaning Trump will likely bash the comedian on Twitter by the end of the day for having low ratings and doing a terrible, terrible job.

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J.D. Durkin is the Senior Editor of Mediaite.

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