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Trump Camp Calls Fox Focus Group a ‘Setup’ Because They Didn’t Like Him

fox focus groupDonald Trump adviser Michael Cohen is convinced that a Fox News focus group last night was a huge “setup” because (gasp) people were turned off by Trump’s attitude and lack of specifics. Luntz showed last night that a few people who came into the debate liking Trump came out of it not liking him so much.

Former Trump fans were disappointed because “he skirted around questions better than a lifelong politician ever had,” he had “no specifics,” he didn’t look presidential, acted “mean,” and refused to commit to the GOP.

Well, because Trumpworld can totally take criticism well, Cohen lashed out at Luntz for what he believed to be a “setup”:

Even Trump got in on bashing Luntz and the focus group because that’s what he does:

Luntz was mostly just amused:

You can watch the focus group here, via Fox News:

[h/t WaPo]
[image via screengrab]

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