Trump Campaign Reportedly Paid $228,000 to Help Cover Michael Cohen’s Legal Costs

A new report on the Trump 2016 campaign’s filings with the Federal Election Commission is raising new questions about whether the president’s personal lawyer violated campaign finance laws during the 2016 election.

ABC News reviewed the FEC’s records and found that the campaign made three payments to McDermott Will and Emery, the law firm representing Michael Cohen. The payments were described as “legal consulting” costs with a grand total of approximately $228,000.

Cohen has been under major legal scrutiny ever since the FBI raided his offices in order to investigate the potential illegalities involved in his hush money payment to Stormy Daniels. Cohen insists he didn’t have a formal role in his boss’ campaign, and Trump recently minimized his importance by saying that he has lots of other attorneys working for him. The president did say, however, that Cohen represented him with regard to the Daniels matter.

Campaign finance laws cited by ABC state that its illegal to use campaign money for personal uses. If Cohen received the three fees to help cover legal expenses pertaining to the ongoing Russian investigation, then the campaign is most likely within the bounds of the law. If the money had anything to do with the Daniels payoff though, that’s possibly a more-problematic matter.

Sources told ABC that Cohen’s legal work did not involve Daniels, though Cohen’s attorney and a Trump campaign spokesman both declined to comment when asked about the payments.

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