Trump Changes Tune on Time Magazine After Gracing Cover


For this week’s issue, Time magazine has given Donald Trump the full frontrunner treatment, blocking out their own logo with his giant head on the cover and publishing a long-form profile and unedited interview online in which the candidate had ample time to attack his rivals.

Even Trump himself is impressed, tweeting that it is his “great honor” to appear on the cover of Time:

In a “behind-the-scenes” video of the photo shoot, he added, “I love Time magazine”:

But the candidate didn’t feel quite the same about Time back in 2013, when he had this to say about the state of the print industry:

Also left unclear is whether Trump has actually read Michael Scherer’s profile of him. While it contains plenty of flattery about his ability to defy conventions and succeed in the polls, it also features a good deal of criticism.

“He can’t really finish three sentences without bragging about his business deals, his Ivy League education, his golf scores or his place in the polls,” Scherer writes, before adding, “But that’s who he really is, for better and worse, a living performance piece who no longer needs to pretend.”

The writer also calls Trump a “celebrity parody of a successful entrepreneur” and points out that “more than half the country still finds him unqualified for the presidency.”

But over all, Trump comes off looking like a presidential candidate who has somehow figured out what others can’t and hasn’t really had to change who he is to do it. In the end that was enough for him to change his mind about Time.

So far, however, we have no indication of his thoughts about the animated version of the cover:

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