Trump Goes on Tweetstorm Against ‘Rigged System’ That Destroyed Flynn, Let Clinton Avoid Punishment


Evidently, his first tweet about Michael Flynn‘s new cooperation with Robert Mueller‘s special counsel was not enough. Donald Trump is back on the presidential Twitter machine to complain about a legal “double standard” that has left Flynn’s life in ruins while allowing Hillary Clinton to get away with her private email scandal.

So, lets break this down shall we? In these two tweets, the president defends Flynn, acknowledges his lies to federal investigators, trashes the “Justice” Department, and demands the Attorney General to investigate his vanquished political nemesis. The ramifications of these tweets may prove relevant for any possible obstruction of justice case against the White House.

Oh, and Trump also took a moment to cheer for the news that ABC has suspended Brian Ross for the major contextual mistake he made yesterday while covering the Flynn news.

So the Russia investigation is still a “witch hunt,” even though Trump’s former National Security adviser has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about it.

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