Trump Hits Back: Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein Got Caught ‘Planning Illegal and Treasonous’ Act


President Donald Trump started his week by dismissing the ongoing investigations on Russia while also slamming former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

After the president boasted over NBC’s recent reporting that the Senate Intel Committee hasn’t found proof of the Trump-Russia collusion theory, he pivoted to attack McCabe for what he said in his interview with 60 Minutes.

McCabe has been drawing a lot of media interest recently with his latest interviews to promote his new book, The Threat. Among the most interesting things McCabe told CBS was that members of the Department of Justice talked about whether the 25th Amendment could be invoked against Trump and that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein supposedly offered to wear a wire in the White House.

Critics have taken McCabe’s comments as evidence that a supposed “coup” was formed in the DOJ to force Trump’s removal from office. McCabe’s spokeswoman has spoken against that idea, saying his quotes are being “taken out-of-context and misrepresented.”

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