Trump Ignites Confusion, Mockery After Surreal White House Presser: ‘Today Was Self Destruction’


President Donald Trump speaks at a presser on May 23, 2019, during which he asked various members of his administration to tell reporters that he didn't lose his temper in a meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The Twitter-verse reacted with mockery, confusion, and more than a little genuine concern in the wake of President Donald Trump’s surreal press conference on Thursday, in which bashed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as “a mess,” declared himself an “extremely stable genius,” and singled out his aides one by one and encouraged them to positively describe his “very calm” demeanor, a public display of loyalty that wouldn’t be out of place in a Banana Republic.

Many reactions online took to mocking the president for once again interrupting White House business to attack a political opponent and indulge his narcissistic tendencies.

But others found little to laugh about in the bizarre scene. It prompted one of Trump’s former campaign aides, Sam Nunberg, to declare: “today was self-destrution.” Others, like former White House press secretary Joe Lockhart called his behavior “frightening” and intimated that Trump should be removed from office using the 25th Amendment.

And Speaker Pelosi, who continues to get under Trump’s skin like no one else can, also fired back, throwing some shade at his self-described brilliance with ironic quotes and urging him to act “more presidential” so House Democrats could work with him.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from the president’s petty score-settling and self-congratulatory encomiums was that the whole episode felt disconnected from reality and that our government in Washington was increasingly coming apart at the seams. Or, what you might call Thursday for the Trump White House.

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