Trump Demands Fox Save Jeanine Pirro from ‘Radical Left Democrats’: ‘Stop Working Soooo Hard on Being Politically Correct’


On Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro was conspicuously absent from her normal time slot on Fox News Channel. And on Sunday morning the network’s biggest fan had something to say about.

President Donald Trump wants Pirro back on the air, he tweeted Sunday morning, tagging Fox News with his programming guidance. Fox must “stay strong” said the President, and “fight back with vigor” against being “politically correct.”

Pirro’s absence is conspicuous and, in the President’s mind, related to political correctness, on account of her comments a week ago regarding Rep. Ilhan Omar. Pirro said in her monologue on March 9th that Omar is “sharia compliant” and suggested Omar’s adherence to that was “antithetical to the constitution.”

Fox News later issued a statement condemning those remarks.

Trump has praised Pirro on several occasions, and she has in turn stumped for him during the run-up to the midterms.

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