Twitter Blasts Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro Stumping for Trump: ‘An In-Kind Contribution?’


Political observers and various media figures are not impressed with how Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro blatantly stumped for Donald Trump ahead of the midterm elections.

The two Fox hosts held a show at the president’s final event to rally the GOP on Monday night, and they both ended up going on stage to deliver gushing support for Trump as they urged people to go out and vote. This came after Hannity insisted that he would interview the president back stage and hold a live show from the venue, but wouldn’t actually get on stage to campaign on the president’s behalf.

People took notice of the fact that Trump had two major cable news figures singing his praises, and not all of them were particularly happy about it. As you can see, many reactors felt that Hannity and Pirro pretty much solidified the White House-Fox News connection, and otherwise, they found it ironic that Hannity attacked the “fake news” on stage after putting out fake news of his own.

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