Trump Only Cares About Violence Against Women When It Helps Him Demonize Immigrants


At a rally in Youngstown, Ohio on Tuesday night, President Trump revisited his 2015 presidential campaign announcement speech with dehumanizing rhetoric about undocumented immigrants.

In Trump’s speech, the president boasted about how ICE raids that were “doing it rough” and not “in a politically correct fashion,” and referred to those being deported as violent gang members and “animals.” It seems worth noting that objective research has shown that immigrants are actually statistically less likely to commit crimes than other Americans, and additionally, plenty of ICE raids target nonviolent families not just the “gang” members Trump called animals.

But the speech only managed to get worse from there. Trump went on to reference young girls, almost like objects rather than human beings, to further his agenda of demonizing immigrants.

“They’ll take a young, beautiful girl, 16, 15, and others, and they slice them and dice them with a knife, because they want them to go through excruciating pain before they die,” the president said of immigrants, without bothering to reference any particular incident or cite any source. “And these are the animals that we’ve been protecting for so long. Well, they’re not being protected any longer, folks.”

When it comes to violence against women, Trump, who has yet to so much as address the issues of campus sexual assault or domestic violence beyond responding to accusations against himself by delivering misogynistic, defamatory verbal attacks on his accusers, only seems to care about these “beautiful girls” when doing so satisfies his narrative of ignorance and hatred.

And, of course, beyond being grossly self-serving and exploitative, Trump’s words are obviously dangerous. His characterizations of immigrants as violent rapists and killers have previously spurred his supporters to attack and urinate on a homeless Mexican man, and who knows what this latest portrayal of immigrants as violent toward women will bring about.


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