Trump Ripped by Critics for Blaming ‘Fake News’ for Bomb Threats: ‘This Is Not Unity’


Donald Trump is generating new outrage today by blaming the media for the multiple bomb scares that have gripped the country this week.

The president is back on Twitter, saying the “fake news” media is to blame for “anger” caused around the country by their “false and inaccurate reporting.” Trump hasn’t said anything on Twitter yet to condemn the attempted bomber, nor the fact that perpetrator’s suspicious packages have created emergency situations for the media, top Democrats and multiple public figures.

Since Trump’s tweet comes just after Robert De Niro became the latest person to be targeted by a suspicious package, the president’s critics are slamming him in droves. Most of them are either ripping Trump for his insincere calls for unity yesterday, while others are accusing him of blaming the victims for their own situations.

Several responders to Trump’s tweet work for CNN, which had to evacuate their New York building yesterday after receiving once of the mailed bombs.

But the criticisms were not exclusively from CNN:

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