Trump Takes to Twitter and Instagram to Crowdsource a Plan: ‘Should I Do the GOP Debate?’


UPDATE — 5:49 p.m. ET: Donald Trump has responded to Fox News’s response and we, your faithful servants at Mediaite, facilitated it!

UPDATE — 3:15 p.m. ET: A Fox News spokesperson released the following statement to Mediaite in response to Trump’s video:

We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.

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UPDATE — 4:57 p.m. ETMediaite reached out to Fox News to ask if the network planned to make any changes to Thursday night’s GOP debate. In an email statement, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes said:

Megyn Kelly is an excellent journalist and the entire network stands behind her — she will absolutely be on the debate stage on Thursday night.

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In a move that some might not deem very presidential but is certainly democratic, Donald Trump used Twitter’s poll feature to ask his followers whether he should participate in the upcoming GOP debate.

He also uploaded an Instagram video of himself addressing the camera vlog-style to supplement the tweet, giving it the same caption to create a sense of synchronicity across platforms like a seasoned social media user. In the video, he is seen complaining that Megyn Kelly, who will be moderating the debate this Thursday, never treats him fairly. He has previously threatened to boycott the debate, which Fox News responded to by remarking on his level of “fear” when it comes to Kelly.

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At present, the poll has received just over 2000 votes. 51% of those votes are in favor of attending the debate while 49% of the votes are negative. There are 23 hours left before the poll closes and approximately 55 until the debate.

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