Twitter Blows Up Over Trump’s Demand for Sessions to End Mueller Probe: ‘The Definition of Obstruction of Justice’

Political observers recoiled on Wednesday after President Trump blatantly called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to terminate Robert Mueller‘s Russia investigation.

Trump’s attacks on the special counsel have grown a lot more explicit in the last few days, but he just went a Twitter warpath again where he slammed Peter Strzok, the “Angry Democrats” on Mueller’s team, and the investigation into Paul Manafort. The crescendo of his latest tweets, however, was this one, demanding Sessions un-recuse himself and kill the “rigged witch hunt.”

In light of Trump’s demand that the Justice Department stop investigating him and his campaign, the Twitterverse has a few things to say about this. As you can see, the reactions are a mix of shock, mockery, and accusations of obstructing justice.

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