Twitter Cracks Up Over Jake Tapper’s Photo With Chewbacca: ‘CNN’s Reboot of Crossfire Seems Promising’


So, this is a thing that happened today.

CNN’s Jake Tapper apparently ran into a man-purse carrying Chewbacca at some point and decided to pose for a picture with the Wookie. The anchor then posted the photo, showing the two standing back-to-back with arms crossed, to his Twitter account.

Naturally, media folks noticed right away, and hilarity ensued.

There was a poll, asking what was the bigger mistake in the picture — Jake’s shorts or Chewie’s murse:

And of course, there were a ton of Star Wars mentions:

At least one person recycled a meme that had taken over Twitter earlier this month:

There were a couple of Wolf Blitzer name-drops for good measure:

We also got some references to Crossfire, CNN’s old debate program:

[image via screengrab]

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