Twitter Dunks on Jacob Wohl For Faking Death Threats Against Himself: He’s an ‘Everlasting Gob Stopper of Stupid’

Trump activist and Twitter banee Jacob Wohl has sunk to new lows in the last 24 hours, moving on from framing other people to, apparently, “framing himself” as one Twitter user put it.

Wohl has apparently faked a death threat against himself from a fake person he created on Twitter, filed a fake police report about that fake threat, and then put the incident, which he filmed, into the fake documentary he is making with fellow Twitter-reject Laura Loomer.

A busy night.

But the fact that the two have been banned from the social media site doesn’t mean they aren’t mentioned there when they do something colossally stupid, and frankly that’s great news because some of the dunking on the dumbass crook has been hilarious.

Here’s just a sample. There are So. Many. More.

I like this pairing. It’s very complete.

You can’t argue with this next one. If anyone had run a poll on who would watch something terrible and decide to emulate it, Wohl would have been an odds-on favorite.

There were a lot of mentions of Jussie Smollet, and of Wohl’s Twitter status.

Not to mention hopes for his future.

But mostly, just great dunking.

But y’all, let’s pour one out for the real victim here, please, okay?

Just another day in insane-town.

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