Twitter Has Field Day Over Trump’s Weird Water Break During Speech: ‘America Thirst’


This afternoon, President Donald Trump delivered his big national security speech in which he identified four “pillars” of America’s strategy, all largely centered on the president’s overarching “America First” philosophy and ideology. He labeled North Korea a “rogue regime” and said adversarial countries challenged American power and influence as they attempted to erode American prosperity and security.

But forget all that. Trump once again had to take a water break in the middle of a speech, and it was weird.

As you may recall, then-candidate Trump took great joy in mocking Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) during the 2016 GOP presidential primary. Besides constantly calling him “Lil’ Marco,” Trump also mocked Rubio for his very thirsty response to Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address.

Karma, of course, came back to bite Trump when the parched president was forced to take a sip of water in the middle of a speech last month, leading Rubio to do some mild trolling of his own. And, of course, much of the rest of the internet pointed and laughed along.

With Trump once again needing to pause and quench his thirst during a speech, Twitter had jokes. And quite a bit of the reaction centered on Trump’s strange double-handed grasp of the small water cup.

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