Twitter is Rightly Disgusted by Gushers’ Vile New Deep-Fried Monstrosity They Call ‘Perfection’

The mad scientists of Fruit Gushers have taken things too far with their latest monstrosity which they dubbed “deep-fried perfection.”

Essentially a sugary blue ooze surrounded by greasy dough, the folks at Gushers debuted their deep-fried creation on Twitter.

A few said that they would be willing to taste the balls of ooze.

Most on Twitter, however, rightly panned the vile frankenfood.

The folks at Gushers, though, were not dissuaded by so much Twitter hate for their deep-fried blue ooze balls.

On Friday, they snarked back with a meme of their own to counter all those calling them Tide Pod look-a-likes, urging folks to call 911 to report the crime and otherwise showing their disgust for their blue food freak masquerading as a snack.

The meme read: “What a revolutionary concept.”

[images via Twitter]

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