Twitter Loses It When Louise Mensch Says ‘Marshal of the Supreme Court’ Told Trump About Impeachment


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Now, we’ve covered former British politician and current conspiracy theorist Louise Mensch before. She’s made a name for herself in recent months by diving headlong into the Russia/Donald Trump collusion story. While it should be pointed out that she has proven to be prescient in the past about certain things, one look at her Twitter timeline and website will give you the impression that EVERYONE is caught up in the Russia web, leaving her credibility, let’s just say, in question.

In this vein, she published a blockbuster blog post today that claimed that she’s been informed by multiple sources that President Trump was notified just before his foreign trip that a case of impeachment had begun.

Sources further say that the Supreme Court notified Mr. Trump that the formal process of a case of impeachment against him was begun, before he departed the country on Air Force One. The notification was given, as part of the formal process of the matter, in order that Mr. Trump knew he was not able to use his powers of pardon against other suspects in Trump-Russia cases. Sources have confirmed that the Marshal of the Supreme Court spoke to Mr. Trump.

So, yeah. That’s not how this works, That’s not how any of this works.

And folks on Twitter had an absolute field day at Mensch’s expense after they saw the post:

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