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White House Staffers Reportedly Held ‘Intervention’ to Get Trump to Tweet Less

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A new report is saying that President Trump‘s advisers recently had a sit down with him and asked that he stop throwing out bombshells on Twitter.

Wall Street Journal put out an article on Friday night which reports that aides held an “intervention” where they warned Trump not to tweet out any more incendiary or unsubstantiated messages. Indications suggest that Trump’s aides were worried that the president’s social media habits could eventually “paint him into a corner” that would legally and politically hurt him.

Trump’s people were particularly concerned about the tweet where the president made the unsubstantiated claim that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped the phones of Trump Tower. The White House defended the tweet in the past by referring to surveillance activities under the Obama administration, though James Comey said there was no evidence for Trump’s claim two months ago.

Trump has fired Comey since then, and the development snowballed into massive political storm surrounding the investigations of whether the Trump campaign was connected to Russia’s efforts to mess with the 2016 election.

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