Twitter Users Hold Impromptu Caption Contest Over Photo of Ivanka Trump and Anita Hill


Sexual assault is really and truly the topic du jour during this election season. Bill Clinton‘s accusers and Donald Trump‘s have featured heavily, but the addition of Anita Hill to the mix has taken it all to the next level.

Ivanka Trump has been tasked with defending her father against allegations of sexual assault for a few months now. Today, a photograph of her talking to Hill, who famously accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of being sexually inappropriate with her, appeared on the Twitter account of Nina Easton, a woman who frequently appears on Fox News.

The photo appears to show Trump wearing a tense expression and moving her hands quickly while Hill holds hers up between the two of them. Immediately, sleuths got to work trying to figure out what these two women could be talking about.

Hill was notoriously dragged through the mud in the media and faced attacks and smears when she came forward against Thomas, so it is certainly interesting to see her speaking to someone who has so vehemently defended another powerful man being accused of similar behavior.

[image via screengrab]

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