Twitter Users Suggest #ReasonsToSkipThanksgiving


Thanksgiving has been really, really contentious in recent years. There has been an increasing amount of outcry against celebrating what many believe amounts to genocide of Native Americans and slapping a cutesy story about how allegedly happy they were to give food to the pilgrims on it to make it marketable.

There has also been a whole lot of talk about how frustrating it can be to sit down for a dinner with a family that has wildly different views. For instance, a more progressive person might find it hard to digest cranberry sauce next to an uncle who is complaining about how many people think Thanksgiving is actually pretty racist. (See? We just came full circle here.)

Today on Twitter, users suggested #ReasonsToSkipThanksgiving and many of them reflected those concerns while others brought up some new points.

The trend, like so many, was launched as a hashtag game.

Don’t worry. There were still some who were furious about the trend. This is the Internet, after all.

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