Ana Navarro: ‘I Don’t Hate White People’ But ‘I Have Issues’ With ‘Some Orange People’


ana-navarroeditedThroughout the presidential campaign, CNN political commentator Ana Navarro was very outspoken about her disdain for then Republican presidential nominee and now President-elect Donald Trump. With Trump now heading to the White House, the Republican strategist has continued with her criticisms.

In response to Trump’s selection of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to be his Attorney General, Navarro tweeted out that the GOP Senator was considered too racist to be a judge in the 80s.

She sent another snarky tweet about the election.

One Twitter user responded to the last tweet, wondering why Navarro hated white people. Navarro gave the following answer.

Pretty sure we all know what she meant there.

She continued to hammer at Trump’s selection of Sessions on Twitter, citing the fact that David Duke commended the pick.

Heading into Election Day, Navarro called Trump “crazy” and stated that she believed Trump was planning on deporting her if he were elected. (Navarro was born in Nicaragua.)

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