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Two New Polls Show Hillary Still Comfortably Leading Trump

hillary trumpTwo new polls this morning have some good news for Hillary Clinton and not-so-good news for Donald Trump.

The new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows Clinton 5 points ahead of Trump, and if you throw third-party candidates into the mix, she leads Trump by 1 point.

Trump’s approval ratings with minority groups continues to hurt.

But the ABC/Washington Post poll is worse news for Trump, because it has him down by 12 points––51 to 39. And when you add third-party candidates to that one, Clinton holds a 10-point advantage.

And then there’s the fact that 1) 66 percent think he’s biased against women and minority groups like Muslims, 2) more people disapprove of his handling about Trump University than they do of Clinton’s handling of her emails, and 3) 68 percent say his attacks on a Hispanic judge were racist.

Oh, and on the question of who had the better response to Orlando, Clinton wins 46-28.

Now, between the poll that has Trump down by 5 and the poll that has Trump down by 12, would you like to guess which he has a problem with?

Now, that tweet from Trump ripping the ABC/WaPo poll might makes you wonder about the last poll that showed Trump leading. Well, based on RealClearPolitics’ data, it was… um, the last ABC/WaPo poll.

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