Un-Breaking: Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson Are Not Dead

Despite what the internet says, Hollywood movie stars Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson are not dead. Rumors of their respective demises have been greatly exaggerated, according to the NY Daily News.

The duo appear to be the latest victims of a popular vein of internet hoax that recently struck both Morgan Freeman and CNN. Either that, or they’re involved in the most macabre promotion ever for their 2002 film I Spy.

From The Daily News:

Both actors are alive and well, despite death hoaxes crafted Wednesday to make fans think otherwise.

Like the Charlie Sheen prank launched just after Christmas, a faux news organization called Global Associated News spread false reports claiming the stars had died in tragic accidents.

“Actor Owen Wilson is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today,” read one of the stories.

But the claim is “absolutely false,” Wilson’s rep told the Daily News.

The exact same article was written about Murphy and – guess what – he’s fine, too.

The death hoax is as old as Lazarus himself, but has become more prevalent, yet easier to debunk, with the advent of the internet, and now, Twitter. For those of you who were fished in by this latest prank, I feel for you. Just last year, I fell for a Jeff Goldblum death hoax, and was pretty broken up about it. The moral here is to appreciate the ones you love while they’re still here.

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