University of Missouri Staffer Suspended After Harassing Student Reporter

University of Missouri administrators announced yesterday that another faculty member has been suspended after being caught on video forcibly stopping a student photographer from documenting the protests around the school.

Katie Kull, an editor of the Columbia Missourian, tweeted a statement from the school saying that Janna Basler, the Director of Greek Life, was on leave and being investigated for her part in confronting Tim Tai as he tried to take pictures.

In this same video, as noted by Slate, Tai was accosted by Melissa Click, the media professor who called for protesters to offer some “muscle” and help expel Tai from their media safe space. Click has issued an apology and resigned for her part in the scuffle, and on Tuesday, Basler gave a statement of her own:

Missouri’s staff continues to be rocked by the protests, though the school is refusing to accept the resignation of Dale Brigham, a professor also being condemned for asking students to turn up for an exam and to not be intimidated by the “bullies.”

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