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US Weekly and People Magazines Use Nearly-Identical Covers

Sandra Bullock’s marital woes are devastating to all of us (except David Brooks) which is why Us Weekly and People Magazine were rushing to get us all the facts of the case. Unfortunately, in their rush, they didn’t notice that they were using almost identical photos on the cover.

Of course, since our readers are fans of all the most important news sources, we’re sure you all were already aware of this story, having noticed the covers while picking up your weekly copies of Us and People. However, you should still check out a piece the New York Times Media Decoder blog did on it as they got a pretty interesting interview with Brittain Stone, the photography director of Us. Coming the same week as our interview with Page Six‘s Richard Johnson, it gives another look into the cut-throat world of the gossip game.

It seems the reason for the double covers is that both magazines want to use a “portrait” which would hopefully trick the readers into thinking that the magazine got an actual interview with the actress. Stone doesn’t use the word “trick,” but that’s clearly what he means.

“’The first thing you want to do when you have a tragic story like this one, which is actually a very sad story, is you want to convey that mood of cooperation or approach or access,’ Mr. Stone said. ‘The best way to do that is with some kind of portrait.’

However, he said, celebrity portraits almost always require approval from their publicists, who tend to decline approval when their client is in an unsavory situation like Ms. Bullock is.”

All in all, the piece is a pretty interesting read. So check it out and then, once you get through it, you can go back to the more colorful parts of this story. Like all that fun Nazi stuff!

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