Van Jones: America Would ‘Be a Lot Better Off’ If Trump Were More Like Jay-Z

This morning, President Donald Trump took aim at rap superstar Jay-Z, tweeting out that the music mogul needs to be informed that “Black Unemployment” is at the “LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED.” It appears that Trump was inspired to attack Jay-Z after Fox & Friends reported on the rapper’s Saturday night appearance on CNN’s The Van Jones Show.

Shortly after Trump sent that tweet out, Van Jones showed up on CNN’s Reliable Sources and addressed the matter. Remarking on how self-confessional Jay-Z was during their interview, Jones told host Brian Stelter that the country would be in a better place if Trump followed Jay-Z’s lead.

“So if you wanted to listen to what Jay-Z says, follow Jay-Z’s model, Mr. President,” Jones stated. “He’s a strong guy. He’s a rich guy, but he’s willing to be confessional. He’s willing to grow in public. If you do the same thing, America would be a lot better off.”

Jones also pointed that it was apparent that Trump missed the message about Jay-Z’s appearance as they actually discussed the low unemployment rate and decent economy during the interview, but the musician noted that having more money doesn’t make up for racism and disrespect.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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