Whoopi Goldberg Scolds Jake Tapper for Obama Tweet: ‘You Are Stressed, Honey’

WATCH: Michelle Obama Dances With Beyoncé’s Mom at Paris Concert

Trump Goes After Jay Z at Nashville Rally for ‘Filthy’ Comments at Clinton Concert from 2016

Van Jones Defends Decision to Work With Kushner on Prison Reform: ‘We Got 99 Conflicts But Prisons Ain’t One’

Fox & Friends: Jay Z is ‘Complaining About White Privilege’ But ‘We Had a Black President’

Van Jones: America Would ‘Be a Lot Better Off’ If Trump Were More Like Jay-Z

Trump Goes After Jay-Z on Twitter: ‘Black Unemployment’ Is Lowest Ever ‘Because of My Policies’

Jay-Z Slams Trump for ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Remarks: ‘Hurtful’

Tomi Lahren Got Shut Down by Wale on Twitter, But It’s Deeper Than That

Beyoncé Releases a New Video for ‘Die With You’ On Ninth Wedding Anniversary to Jay Z

Jay-Z is Making a Feature Film and Docu-series About Trayvon Martin

Jay-Z Will Reportedly be Producing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights Movie

Twitter is Stoked About the Idea of Beyonce’s Babies as the ‘Rebirth of Destiny’s Child’

Beyoncé is Pregnant With Twins!

Former Secretary of Labor Proposes ‘Freedom Concert’ To Overshadow Inauguration

Kanye Shows Up 90 Minutes Late to Concert, Plays Three Songs, and Ditches After Lengthy Rant

‘One Rule for Elites and One Rule for Regular Folks’: CNN Panel Clashes Over Jay Z Lyrics

Beyoncé, Jay Z, and More Celebs Urge You to Vote for Clinton in a new PSA from Tidal

Scottie Nell Hughes Refers To ‘Molotov Cocktails’ as ‘Mazel Tov Cocktails’ While Ripping Jay Z

After Ted Nugent Gropes Himself at Rally, Trump Smacks Jay Z, Beyonce for Using Bad Language

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