Van Jones on Trump: ‘He Tweets Like My Children Do and He’s Not Spoken Like a Patriot Yet’


This evening, CNN’s panel already had a bit of a tussle between two of its contributors over President-elect Donald Trump’s legitimacy as it related to the popular vote and the assessment of the intelligence community surrounding Russian hacking.

Well, later on, CNN political commentator Van Jones took Trump to task for not speaking out against Russia attempting to interfere in the election.

In response to host John Berman asking if Trump will address and deal with the situation, panelist and Trump supporter Jack Kingston said he thought he would and that he’d be more forceful than President Barack Obama saying “cut it out.”

Jones stepped in and said that Trump as president-elect had three ways to respond to news of Russia’s actions — personal, partisan or patriotically. He then noted that Trump has yet to respond like a patriot, which is “very disturbing.

Stating that Trump supporters keep saying wait until Trump gets into office and he’ll do “x, y and z,” the former Obama adviser pointed out that Trump “talks all the time” and “he’s speaking tonight.” He then made an observation about Trump’s behavior.

“He tweets like my children do and he’s not spoken like a patriot yet,” Jones exclaimed.

When Kingston objected and said that this was something the left said about Trump last month regarding the President-elect not addressing protesters, Jones shot back that it wasn’t a left-right issue.

“But this is not about left versus right,” Jones said. “This is about right versus wrong.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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