Washington Post Columnist Ezra Klein Reacts To Bezos Purchase…


Ezra Klein apparently picked the wrong day to be absent from the Washington Post offices.

In a major deal announced this afternoon, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos purchased the Post for $250 million. Before the news broke, New York Times media columnist Brian Stelter reported that the Post’s staff had been called into an emergency meeting, which columnist Klein apparently missed because after the announcement went public, he tweeted this:

Seconds earlier, his initial response expressed shock:

Even though Klein isn’t in the office to gauge his co-workers’ reactions to the sale, his fellow columnist Gene Weingarten summed it up as such:

UPDATE (5:57pm ET): Klein expanded on his initial thoughts about Bezos’ purchase on his WonkBlog Monday afternoon. “Like everyone else, I’m shocked,” Klein confirmed, before laying out some of the things he’s thinking about as the news sets in. But for now, he said he’s “hopeful.” Here’s how Klein addressed the potential for conflict of interest in Bezos’ purchase:

“The case against Jeff Bezos — if you’re a reader of The Post — is that Bezos owns one of the largest and most influential companies in America. Amazon’s political interests extend across everything from state sales taxes to the minimum wage to trade with China. It’s doubtful that Bezos intends to aggressively use The Post to advance Amazon’s legislative goals. But over time, who knows? The Post has had to navigate similar tensions in recent years with our Kaplan division, but this will be of a new scale.”

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