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Twitter Reacts to Nunes Memo: Reads ‘Like A Breitbart Article’

Hillary Stands by Calling Republicans Enemies: ‘They Say Terrible Things About Me’

Vox Founder Ezra Klein Disturbingly Silent After His Editor Encourages Riots at Trump Rallies (UPDATED)

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver: Vox Just Rewrites Wikipedia Pages

Ezra Klein’s Rubio Tweet Contains a Very Weird Autocorrect…

Ezra Klein Apologizes to Nate Silver for ‘Careless’ FiveThirtyEight Aggregation

Nate Silver to Vox: Stop Stealing Our Maps and Charts!

Paul Krugman Actually Thinks His Readers Can’t Tell Which Party He Favors

Concha: Why Haven’t the Clintons Helped Democrats Campaign to Keep the Senate?

Maddow Calls Out ‘Democratic Wuss-itude’ on Airstrikes Against ISIS

Concha: Palin Wise to Join Political Media Stars in Self-Branding Biz

Amid VA Scandal, Vox Scrambles to Fight the Villain: Republicans

Chris Hayes Concedes Single-Payer Can Lead to ‘Abominable’ Mismanagement, Shortages

From Bob Dole to Krugman: The Shame of Those Who Ignored VA’s Issues to Score Political Points

Bias Report: Andrew Tyndall Calls MSNBC ‘Wonkish,’ Dismisses Fox as ‘Ideological’

NY Times Stealth Edits Ezra Klein Quote to Soften His Criticism of Washington Post

Ezra Klein: ‘Completely Untrue’ That More People Had Plans Cancelled Than Signed Up for Obamacare

Must Reads: Why Are New Ventures From Ezra Klein and Nate Silver Under Fire?

Rothman: The Intolerant Left’s Losing Streak

Ezra Klein Responds to Critics of His Hiring Writer Accused of ‘Homophobia Apologism’

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