Watch a Roy Moore Supporter Call African Americans ‘Stupid’ For Not Voting Republican


Ahead of next week’s much-anticipated and highly watched Senate special election, prominent Republican pollster Frank Luntz traveled down to Alabama to arrange a focus group of twelve Roy Moore supporters. Luntz pressed the group of voters on their support of the embattled candidate, who has been accused of initiating sexual contact with a 14-year old girl when he was 32 and attempting to rape a 16-year-old.

After the conservative voters dismissed the allegations against Moore by claiming it was all a plot hatched by Democrats and the mainstream media, all while believing all the accusations against former President Bill Clinton, Luntz moved on a discussion on race. Namely, he wanted to know why he was unable to find any black voters for his focus group who supported Moore.

One woman claimed that Alabama had rid itself of all racial problems after the ’80s and it was only when Barack Obama was elected that race relations got worse. When other women said race relations in Alabama aren’t that bad and why does everything have to be about race, Luntz explained that 97% of African American voters were going to vote for Democrat Doug Jones.

“Does that not concern you?” Luntz asked the group, leading to one woman to say it did but it only showed that Moore didn’t do a good enough job campaigning.

“So why aren’t they voting Republican?” Luntz countered, causing an older gentleman to say it was because “they listen to people that have influence over them.”

The GOP pollster then asked the man why black voters don’t vote for conservative candidates if they’ve been so destroyed by Democrats and their policies. And the answer he got was absolutely shocking.

“Well, in my opinion, they be stupid,” the man said, leaving Luntz stunned. “If you vote for somebody that’s making you worse and worse, you call that smart or stupid?”

This was followed by another voter wondering aloud why black voters don’t support Moore because they should be against illegal immigrants taking away their jobs and abortion.

Watch the clip above, via VICE News.

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