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Nancy Dubuc Replaces Shane Smith as CEO of Vice Media

Actor Who Played Barney the Dinosaur Now Works as a Tantric Sex Guru

Twitter Slams VICE For Urging People to Root For Jaguars Over Patriots Because of Trump

Watch Frank Luntz’s Focus Group on Trump Go Totally Off The Rails: ‘This Just Exploded’

VICE Reportedly Suspends Two Top Executives Following Sexual Misconduct Bombshell

6 Big Takeaways from NYT’s Stunning Report on Culture of Sexual Harassment at Vice

Watch a Roy Moore Supporter Call African Americans ‘Stupid’ For Not Voting Republican

Vice Reportedly Fires Three Employees Amid Sexual Harassment Probe

Vice Employees Slam Company’s Weak Response to Sexual Harassment: ‘Astoundingly Tone-Deaf’

Vice Employees Speak Out Against Company’s Sexual Harassment Culture: ‘Felt Like a Threat’

GOP Rep. Suggests Charlottesville Rally Was a False Flag Operation Funded By George Soros

The Left’s War on Statues is Crumbling Beneath Their Feet

Watch Neo-Nazi From Vice Charlottesville Segment Weep: ‘I’m Terrified’

Vice Contributor Claims Trump Call to End Filibuster is ‘Dictatorship’, Predicts ‘Civil War’

Watch a Young Stephen Miller Joke About Torture — It’s As Bad As You Think

Snapchat Will Soon Be Providing You With Shows From Vice

Gavin McInnes to Mediaite: I’m Not a Holocaust-Denying Nazi, ‘That Guy Doesn’t Exist’

Watch This Livestream of a Documentary Filmmaker Voluntarily Living in Solitary Confinement

Vice Gets Rid Of Its Whole Comments Section

Amanda Knox Pens Piece Questioning Why Women Confess to Crimes They Don’t Commit

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