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Last week, the university of California at Berkeley, informed the Young America’s Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans that the school would not be hosting a speech from conservative Ben Shapiro that was scheduled for Sept 14, according to the Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire, where Shapiro serves as editor-in-chief, says that UC Berkeley has “informed YAF and BCR that they are ‘unable to identify an available campus venue’ but have not provided a list of other events taking place on campus on that time and date that would prevent Shapiro from speaking.”

This was not the first time a conservative speaker has run into problems when attempting to speak on campus. Earlier this year, Ann Coulter had a scheduled speech canceled at Berkeley and Milo Yiannopoulos had an event canceled after radical lunatics started a violent protest on campus prior to his scheduled appearance.

Shapiro appeared before Congress on Thursday and unfortunately had to school faculty and members of Congress on the importance of free speech.

“Free speech is under assault,” says Shapiro.

And University brass is looking the other way, if not being fully supportive, as the perpetually offended use physical violence to shut down those who they disagree with.

Shapiro warns about the dangers and unintended consequences of the suppression of free speech.

“It turns students into snowflakes, craven and pathetic looking for an excuse to be offended so they can earn points in the intersectionality olympics,” he says. And then use those points as a club for which to beat opponents.”

“Shielding college students from opposing viewpoints makes them simultaneously weaker and more dangerous. We must fight that process at every step.”

Shapiro concluded his powerful speech by saying, “All of our views should be judged on their merits, not by the color or sex or sexual orientation of the speaker and those views should never be banned on the grounds that they offend someone.”

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