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WATCH: Cookie Monster Joins The Washington Post Staff, Eats Pulitzer Prizes

A lot of hires need to be rethought very soon after the fact (*cough Kevin Williamson cough*), and The Washington Post‘s decision to bring on a Sesame Street character may fall into that category.

To celebrate and promote Cookie Monster‘s new book, The Joy of Cookies, the fuzzy and blue monster took a turn as an investigative reporter for The Washington Post, and he predictably sucked at it.

“The new guy started here last week. He’s a little eccentric,” reporter Ron Charles says in an Office-like interview. “But he’s been in the media almost 50 years, he must be doing something right.”

Over the course of the video, Cookie Monster eats everything in sight, including a pencil, a piece of paper with a cookie on it, and even some awards.

“He ate my Pulitzer,” reporter David Fahrenthold laments as reporter Wesley Lowery bursts into laughter.

“Me first few days here have been a little rocky,” Cookie admits. “But me catch up quick, and now, me practically Bob Woodward.

“Me next assignment: finally get to the bottom of who stole cookie from cookie jar,” he adds.

Watch above, via The Washington Post.

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