WATCH: Former Bernie Supporter Admits She Voted Trump as a ‘Joke’; Immediately Gets Called Out


During a VICE panel, that was made up of progressives and conservatives, a former supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) 2016 presidential campaign admitted to voting for then-candidate Donald Trump, much to the chagrin of some of the other women.

L’Wren Tikva has since identified as a conservative.

“The reason why I voted for Trump is because I actually was a fellow for the Democratic party and so I just really did not like Hillary Clinton…I don’t know, I literally sat in the voting booth for like, it was a long time,” Tikva explained. “And I don’t know I just like checked the box. Honestly I thought…I didn’t even think he was going to win.”

“I want to speak to the privilege that that holds for that election to be a joke for you, right,” progressive panelist Deja Foxx said in response.

Recanting her joke comment, Tikva said she would have absolutely voted for Sanders if he was on the Democratic ticket in 2016.

“I really did, at the time, really loved what he stood for,” she said. “Because you know, he really did a lot of grassroots and I related to him as a Jewish American and I thought that socialism was the answer.”

Tikva said she could not vote for Clinton after she “stole” the nomination from Sanders and she did not felt compelled to vote for her just because she was a woman.

Watch above via Vice.

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