WATCH: Homeland Security Agents Bust in on CBS Interview With an ICE Whistleblower


A CBS interview with an ICE whistleblower was interrupted in wild fashion when two Homeland Security agents suddenly showed up at the whistleblower’s front door.

In a segment which aired on CBS This Morning Thursday, CBS correspondent Jamie Yuccas was speaking with former ICE spokesman James Schwab — in what was his first television interview since his sudden resignation in March.

Schwab told CBS he quit his post after Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a public claim that ICE failed to make 800 arrests as a result of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf tipping off the community to ICE’s planned raid. Days earlier, in a carefully worded statement, Schwab told the media that “some” arrests had been lost due to the tip off.

But then Sessions came out with the inflated number, and Schwab was peeved.

“Completely false,” he said of the Sessions claim. Schwab added, “That made me extremely uncomfortable.”

Schwab then made the decision to resign.

“I could not fathom staying at an organization that was OK with lying to the American public,” he said. “I hate that. In 17 years in the military, at the Department of Defense as a civilian, at NASA, and now at Homeland Security, I have never been asked to lie. I have never been asked to perpetuate a lie, which is the same as lying.”

Soon after, the interview was interrupted by a knock at Schwab’s door. It turned out to be two men who identified themselves as agents for Homeland Security’s Inspector General’s office.

Schwab said that the men asked him questions about Oakland’s mayor, who he claims to have never spoken with. Schwab believes the sudden knock on his door was “absolutely” a threat.

“This is intimidation,” Schwab said. “And this is why people won’t come out and speak against the government.”

Watch above, via CBS.

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