WATCH: Katy Perry Executive Produced This PSA Against Creating a Muslim Registry


Have you seen the video above floating around your social feeds lately?

It’s pretty haunting, even for a PSA. In it, viewers are introduced to Haru Kuromiya, an 89-year-old Japanese American who tells the story of being forced into an internment camp with her family in the 1940s. Over 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry shared her fate.

“We were an American farm family now living in an internment camp,” she recalls. “And our constitutional rights were taken away from us. It all started with fear and rumors, then it bloomed into the registration of Japanese Americans.”

As the video progresses though, Kuromiya pauses to remove her glasses and pinch the bridge of her nose. Is she going to cry?

No. Instead, she peels forward her mask, revealing that she was Hina Khan, a Muslim actress, the whole time.

Khan implores the camera, “Don’t let history repeat itself.”

Kuromiya is a very real person who leant her story, voice, and old photos to the #DontNormalizeHate project, but Khan was playing her the whole time to make a point: she’s a real person, too.

The PSA was produced by Katy Perry, who backed Hillary Clinton during the election and performed at the Democratic National Convention. Obviously, the point of the PSA is to take a stand against the Muslim registry that is rumored to be in the works under future president Donald Trump.

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