Tall Stack of Regret: IHOP Claims Its Twitter Was ‘Hacked’ After Retweeting Anti-HRC Message


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 11.48.02 AMThe company behind the world’s most delicious pancakes backtracked this weekend after its official Twitter account appeared to Retweet a very anti-Hillary Clinton hot take.

At one point this weekend, users who follow the official IHOP Twitter account were stunned to see the following message appear in their social media feeds:

The Tweet — which appeared from the account @poojaslays — read “Also good morning to everyone except Americans who don’t want to accept the simple fact that Hillary Clinton had a major garbage campaign,” in what could be interpreted as a slight pro-Bernie Sanders message.

The retweet was promptly removed from the IHOP official social media feed, and in its place the pancake chain put up the following message, writing in part, “we have confirmed that our account was hacked this morning.”

However, many on Twitter allege that is seems highly suspect that an entire account was “hacked” simply to retweet one estranged message. The responses to IHOP were quick and merciless.

The official Twitter account of IHOP has gotten decidedly snarkier in recent years, opting to share photos of its own food alongside hip and trendy lyrics and popular phrases. The company’s account last worked its way into hot water by displaying an image of pancakes with the caption, “Flat but has a GREAT personality” — a presumed nod to women’s breasts — to the outrage of many.

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