WATCH: Pam Anderson Releases a PSA Against Ride-Sharing Apps Like Uber


Pamela Anderson has become quite the activist over the last few years. From shocking PETA ads to op-eds about the dangers of pornography, she’s put her fame to use when it comes to backing causes she cares about. Now, she’s turned her attention to ride-sharing.

Ride-sharing startups like Uber, Gett, and Lyft have been under fire for years. Some cities have banned them while others have halted their operation indefinitely. The unease stems from the belief that anyone can download the app and start driving people around. Some states do mandate that drivers have the appropriate licenses, just like regular cab drivers, but that’s not enough for those who oppose the use of these apps.

The concerns aren’t without merit. Sexual assault and other forms of violence have been associated with ride-share drivers since the services began.

Anderson’s issues with ride-sharing, at least according to the game show-style PSA, seem to be a lack of drug testing and background checks for drivers. She asks “Driver Number 1” if he’s ever been drug tested and he responds, “No. What kind of drugs should I be testing?” The joke is funny, but the idea of riding with an inebriated driver isn’t.

She ends up picking the “screened, licensed, and insured” Driver Number Three to take her home.

As Us Weekly reports, Anderson has gone on the record about her own sexual assaults when she was younger, so her encouragement for fans to “think before [they] app” is obviously something she takes seriously.

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