The Internet Cannot Handle the $66 Collard Greens Neiman Marcus is Selling


Neiman Marcus, unaffectionately known as “Needless Markup” and best known for selling designer clothing is also in the business of selling food. You can get a fruitcake for $35, a broccoli and cheese casserole for $65, and now they are also selling collard greens for a whopping $66, plus the $15.50 you’ll have to pay for shipping.

Collard greens are usually thought of as a value item. Nicole Taylor, author of The Up South Cookbook told the Washington Post, “I was like, ‘Whaaaat? A lot of things ran through my head. The first was, I need to call and tell my mom that they are selling collard greens for $80.”

She continued, “The food that was considered poor people’s food, or Southern food, or black food, is now being advertised and sold by a luxury brand. I’ve heard people from the South say that they were ashamed that their family cooked collard greens.”

The Internet also cannot handle it:

Other places you can get collard greens include WalMart, where you can get them in a can for a little more than $1. You can order fresh ones online from Fresh Direct for $3.49. After doing some research on the matter, it appears that no, these collard greens are not covered in gold. They are, however covered in “just the right amount of spices and bacon.”

Of course, Twitter users also pointed out that collard greens typically aren’t served that way.

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